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Curator: Andrej Jaroš
Opening: 19. 1. 2024
On view: 20. 1. − 1. 3. 2024
Adress: Baštová 1, Bratislava
For You With Love
Natália Okolicsányová
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sun: 16:00-20:00
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The artwork collection comprises paintings of different sizes - small, medium, and large. It features figural motifs that carry forward Natalia's previous work. The paintings depict (auto)biographical narratives and emphasise the sophisticated lives of women who are the central characters. 


The focus of her attention shifts to the sun, exposure, and the sensation of inner glow, which symbolises the quest for a higher state of being. She longs to live on cloud nine in a symbolic path to the heavens. Portrayed activities should feel like they are being performed automatically, as it is essential for maintaining mental health. This emphasizes the importance of not just physical but also mental well-being for women. A nod to existentialism underlines the theme of this collection.

Author's word
"I primarily see and create my paintings in symbols and their metaphysical (heavenly) effect not only on myself - but also on the audience. It is precisely the "accidentally" discovered motifs that arise in the process that ultimately complete a grasped, pre-thought-out or proposed intention. The painting is expressive, with rationalized elements, but the abstracting form often shifts meanings."

Natália Okolicsányová, author
Opening event
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